Friday, January 18, 2013

Writing Prompt #6--The Stars

Writing Prompt #6. Choose an object in the room. How would you describe it to a blind person?

“My, the stars are lovely tonight,” commented Elizabeth to her husband as they and their daughter sat on their porch one evening.
5 year old Molly grabbed her mother’s hand, saying, “Mommy, what are stars?”
Tears formed in Elizabeth’s eyes as she smiled sadly on her blind daughter, knowing that she could never see nor truly appreciate the beauty that she herself took for granted. She scrambled in her mind for a way to describe them to Molly. Inspiration suddenly lit up her eyes, and she rose quickly, saying, “Just one moment, Molly, and I shall describe them to you.” And with that, she hurried into the house.
A few minutes later, she returned, laying something in Molly’s lap as she did so. “Feel this, Molly. This is a fabric called velvet. It is black—every bit as black as the darkness you see daily.”
“Oh, Mommy, it’s so soft!” exclaimed Molly, as she rubbed her hands over the luxurious fabric.
“Yes, dear, it is soft. Now, feel the wedding ring on my hand. Do you feel the large stone on my ring?” asked Elizabeth, as Molly eagerly explored her mother’s ring.
“Yes, Mommy.”
“That is called a diamond. It is a precious and valuable jewel—something that costs a great deal. It symbolizes your father’s love for me. Well, my child, the stars are just like the velvet and my diamond. Imagine the world blanketed in black velvet. Now envision thousands upon thousands of my diamonds sprinkled across it—each one beautiful beyond description, and each one a symbol of the great love of God. That, my child, is the night sky.”
“Oh, Mommy,” breathed Molly, “How beautiful that must be. I can’t wait to see it someday.”
Tears filled Elizabeth’s eyes, and she replied, “My dear child, I am afraid you will never see them. The first thing you will ever see will be the face of Jesus. And once you see His face, you will never see night or blackness again.”
A smile illumined Molly’s face as she turned her face upward and said, “Oh, that is far better, Mommy.” And with that hope, she remained content.

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