Friday, November 18, 2011

It's a Boy!!!

Just a quick note to say that we had a sonogram yesterday, and discovered that the baby who is currently kicking in my womb is a little boy! We are going to name him Timothy Luke. It means "God honoring light." I hope and pray that he will grow up to be a bright and shining light for Jesus, honoring God by turning many to Him. :-) Who knows? Maybe he'll be the next Billy Graham, Jonathan Edwards, or D.L. Moody, and bring a great revival to this dying nation (should the Lord tarry, of course). One can always hope and pray, right? :-)

Anyway, just thought I'd announce that news on my blog. I apologize for not writing very often. I'll have to blame that on this pregnancy being really taxing in the energy and stomach department, combined with the fact that I'm chasing after a toddler all day long too. :-P Needless to say, I keep very busy.

Here are a few recent pictures of my little family. (Photo credit goes to my sister, Faith.)

Danielle is a cutie, is she not? I just love that little girl so much, and am so looking forward to meeting my next child in 4 short months! God has richly blessed us beyond our wildest dreams. :-) For all that I am, and all that I ever hope to be, all the glory belongs to Jesus!