Thursday, January 20, 2011

Seeking Wisdom...

I am discovering that as a parent, there are a lot of decisions to be made. In some areas, there isn't really a right or a wrong choice, while others are more crucial. I have always had a hard time making decisions, and have always told either my father (before marriage) or my husband to just "tell me what to do, and I'll do it." And, sometimes, they would oblige me. However, my husband has ceased to do that, and tells me that I need to learn to make my own I can no longer use him as a crutch.

Anyway...all that to say, I hate making decisions. Therefore, I am having a hard time right now deciding what to do about my little girl. She is now 6 1/2 months old, and I still have not started her on solid foods. I have done a great deal of research on the subject, besides asking my midwife, a lactation consultant, and several moms about their opinion. But it all boils down to the fact that I'm the mother, and I know what is best.

Some say the longer you can go on breastmilk only, the better for the baby. Others say it's dangerous to go past 6 months without introducing solids. Others say that the baby will tell you when she's ready for solids. So...while I'm trying to decide what is best for my baby, she continues on breastmilk alone. :-P

However, she has been sooo cranky the last couple of days, and just doesn't seem like her normal self--and for the last few days I haven't felt as though my milk supply is quite what it should be. So, it's either that she's cutting a tooth, or maybe my milk isn't doing it for her anymore. Therefore, I am pondering whether or not I should start her on some solid food (a.k.a., avocado). There doesn't seem to be a right or a wrong answer to this situation...I just have to make the decision...which I hate doing. :-P

So, I am praying right now for a special dose of Mother Wisdom to be bestowed on me by the One who gives wisdom liberally to all those who ask it of Him.

There's just a peek into one of the many conundrums of being a mother...


Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Spring Creek twice in one week, and I'm a happy man..."

"Spring Creek twice in one week, and I'm a happy man..." said my husband just a few minutes ago. Spring Creek Barbeque twice in one week you ask? Yes! Here my husband and I hardly ever go out to eat on our own, and here we are eating twice at the same restaurant within a three day period. How is that possible?


We went to Spring Creek on Tuesday evening, intending to use a gift card given to my husband for Christmas. When we got to the cashier, we found that it was an old friend we knew from a church we used to attend. When she saw us, we talked for a little, and when my husband went to get out his wallet to pay for our dinner, she said, "Oh, it's on me. Don't worry about it." Surprised, we thanked her profusely, and then sat down to enjoy our free, and very yummy dinner.

We didn't have the baby with us that evening (as her GiGi had volunteered to watch her to give us a date night), so we promised our friend that we'd be back later this week with the baby so that she could see her. So, we went back tonight, and got to show off our baby to Caitlin, and use our gift card too. Thus, we had two free meals this week at Spring Creek--two meals that I didn't have to prepare. It was wonderful!

Also, Danielle has always had a fascination with Spring Creek cups, as she seems particularly fascinated with the colors red and yellow. Thus far, she has always played with her Daddy's big cups--and they can keep her occupied for a long time too. So tonight when we were at the restaurant, we mentioned this to Caitlin, who said, "Well, would she like one her own size?" And she immediately went behind the counter and grabbed a small cup and brought it to her. Danielle is in love... Finally, her favorite cup, in her own size. :-D

Anyway, there's one of our adventures for the week. God sure knows how to give unexpected gifts.


Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas, New Years, Anniversary, etc.

The last couple of weeks have been packed full of so many travels and adventures, that quite frankly, I don't even know where to begin...and indeed, I don't think I shall even try to go into much detail, as the very thought is overwhelming.

So, I shall give a brief sketch of our adventures...

Saturday, December 18th, we had our first Christmas with Donald's parents and sister. It was a lot of fun, and I enjoyed the day immensely (as I usually do when getting to spend time with my wonderful in-laws!). Danielle enjoyed the day too, especially since her kind grandparents gave her an exersaucer. :-)

I spent the next few days finishing up Christmas projects, such as Danielle's dress which I mentioned in my last blog... Isn't it cute?

I baked 82 cookies to take to family gatherings...

And did a whole assortment of other things. At last, it was all done, and we were off on Wednesday, the 22nd, to Tyler, TX to spend time with my Dad's side of the family. We stayed the night at Mama-Doll's (my grandmother) house, where she and Danielle had lots of fun playing together.

The next day, we went to my Uncle Fred (Dad's older brother) and Aunt Claudia's house, where we had our Christmas with them. Danielle had fun getting acquainted with her relatives.

We left there that evening, and came back home, where we slept and arose early the next morning to head to Sunset, TX to have a Christmas celebration with Donald's maternal family.
We then left there that evening, and came back home. The next morning (Christmas Day), our little family opened our gifts to each other, took some pictures...

...and then headed to my parents house for the remainder of the day. We had a lot of fun, and really enjoyed the day there. I loved giving the aprons I made to my sisters, and I think they loved them too. :-)

Oh, and my parents gave me a bread machine!!! I'm soooo thrilled!

The next day, we headed out to a town near Terrell, TX to have another Christmas celebration with Donald's paternal family. That finished, we were done with family gatherings for a few days... Whew! I took a few days off and rested, and then I had mine and Donald's family (parents & siblings) over for lunch on New Year's Day. Then, the next day, we went to my Granny and Grandpa's house (my mother's parents) for our last Christmas celebration with that side of the family. So, as you can see, our Christmas was a whirlwind of family gatherings. And, I must confess, I'm not ready for another long car ride any time soon. Danielle was a trooper, though, and I'm proud of her. :-)

Then, on Monday (Jan. 3rd), it was mine and Donald's 2nd wedding anniversary!! We celebrated the day by going to a sushi restaurant for lunch (yum!!), taking a nap with the baby, playing board games, watching a movie, and just being together. We decided this year not to take a trip anywhere, as both on our 1st anniversary trip and our honeymoon (both to the same place), one or both of us was sick with the stomach virus, and we decided we needed to break the trend and stay home (and hopefully not get sick!). Thankfully, we were both in excellent health for our anniversary, and enjoyed our day to the fullest. :-)

(For more pictures from our anniversary, go to this link:

Danielle turning 6 months old on December 30th was our other big event of the last few weeks. Using some coupons I had, I took her out to a studio to have a 6 month portrait taken. I can't wait to see them! However, I did decide that she needed some snapshots taken at home too... So here are a few of them. Isn't she a darling?

(For more recent pictures of Danielle, go to this link:

I have spent the last few days trying to rest and recover from those very hectic two weeks, and today am finally feeling energetic again. I have several new projects in mind for the coming weeks and months (some of which include finishing a quilt and organizing my home from top to bottom), but will write more on those in the days to come, as this is already a lengthy post, and I have a baby who needs my attention right now. :-P

So, I hope all of you had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, and will write more later!