Thursday, January 13, 2011

"Spring Creek twice in one week, and I'm a happy man..."

"Spring Creek twice in one week, and I'm a happy man..." said my husband just a few minutes ago. Spring Creek Barbeque twice in one week you ask? Yes! Here my husband and I hardly ever go out to eat on our own, and here we are eating twice at the same restaurant within a three day period. How is that possible?


We went to Spring Creek on Tuesday evening, intending to use a gift card given to my husband for Christmas. When we got to the cashier, we found that it was an old friend we knew from a church we used to attend. When she saw us, we talked for a little, and when my husband went to get out his wallet to pay for our dinner, she said, "Oh, it's on me. Don't worry about it." Surprised, we thanked her profusely, and then sat down to enjoy our free, and very yummy dinner.

We didn't have the baby with us that evening (as her GiGi had volunteered to watch her to give us a date night), so we promised our friend that we'd be back later this week with the baby so that she could see her. So, we went back tonight, and got to show off our baby to Caitlin, and use our gift card too. Thus, we had two free meals this week at Spring Creek--two meals that I didn't have to prepare. It was wonderful!

Also, Danielle has always had a fascination with Spring Creek cups, as she seems particularly fascinated with the colors red and yellow. Thus far, she has always played with her Daddy's big cups--and they can keep her occupied for a long time too. So tonight when we were at the restaurant, we mentioned this to Caitlin, who said, "Well, would she like one her own size?" And she immediately went behind the counter and grabbed a small cup and brought it to her. Danielle is in love... Finally, her favorite cup, in her own size. :-D

Anyway, there's one of our adventures for the week. God sure knows how to give unexpected gifts.


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