Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Another Writing Prompt :-)

Writing Prompt #8 - We are all surrounded by gadgets. If your favorite one failed, what else could you use it for?

Stephen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he recalled the events of the last hour. He looked at his valuable and now extremely damaged piece of equipment and decided to do both. How he wished he could crawl into his 3-year-old daughter’s head to know what she was thinking! He imagined it must have gone something like this…

“I want to make a cake for Daddy’s birthday. I can use my play-dough to make it! And I can put M&Ms in it too. Yummy! Ok, it’s mixed together. But it’s a big ball…I need it to be flat. Where is Mommy’s rolling pin? Oh dear. I can’t find it. Ooooh, look, there is Daddy’s cool thing with the neat buttons on it. If I open it up and put my play-dough in it, I can close it, and then it will smash flat. Oh, goody! It worked! Now I have a beautiful cake for Daddy, and it even has a pretty design on it!”

Stephen groaned again as he looked at his laptop, with the keys covered in red play-dough. How would he ever get it out and make it usable again? And should he discipline his daughter, or thank her for sweetly making him a birthday cake?

“Oh, the joys of parenthood,” he sighed, before bursting into another fit of crying laughter.

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