Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Recent Happenings...

It's been quite a while since I wrote anything for my blog... I must confess that (1) I've been really busy, and (2) I just haven't been inspired to write anything--and for me, writing comes mostly by inspiration (and just so you know, this blog post has no inspiration whatsoever behind it--I just thought it was high time that I write something).

So...what has been going on in my household/life lately?


I guess the last time I wrote was shortly before I had an operation on my arm to remove a small, benign tumor (called a Lipoma), that (due to its location) was causing me pain--especially while nursing. That was an adventure that I don't want to repeat. After giving me some local anesthesia, the doctor left the room for a while to let it "kick in." Well...he waited so long to return, that by the time they started cutting into my arm, I could feel it, as the medication had worn off.

Upon noticing my grimaces, my Mom (who kindly came to the operation with me) asked the doctor if I was supposed to be feeling anything. The doctor looked surprised upon finding out that I could still feel, and then proceeded to give me another shot (ick!). After that, the surgery, while uncomfortable (as I could feel them pulling on my skin and muscles), was relatively painless, and I got through it by quoting Scripture and reminding myself that if I could go through 53 hours of pain in childbirth, that I could surely get through a 30 minute procedure.

I took me a few days to be able to move that arm at all, so I was very grateful for my sister Harmony staying with me until I got over the worst of it. And now, about four weeks later, my arm feels almost completely normal again--aside from some slight tenderness if pressure is put on that area.

Danielle (age 10 1/2 months) has learned to crawl, pull up on everything(!), stand by herself, and walk with a walker. She has quite the little personality, and laughs at the strangest things--such as my blowing on my soup to cool it off. :-P She is such a delight, and I daily marvel at her and thank God for her. It is hard for me to believe that next month she will be a year old! Time has gone too quickly (and yet dragged at the same time), and I can hardly believe that the baby I gave birth to is now wearing size 12 month clothing.

Speaking of which, I recently made the two of us matching outfits. As soon as I get the picture from my sister, I shall post it here so you can see it.

In April (before my arm surgery), Donald built me a raised bed, which I then filled with layers of dirt, leaves, compost, and straw, and planted a vegetable garden. I had always wanted to plant a vegetable garden, so now that I've had a baby (the other thing I always wanted to do), I decided that should be the next womanly art to master. And yes, I say "womanly." After all, wives are to be "keepers at home," and Proverbs 31 tells us that part of that is providing food for her family, whether by planting it herself, or buying from the "merchants."

It has been an adventure...I never knew there were so many different ways to grow a garden! I probably did it all wrong...but despite that, I have large squash and zucchini, corn, bell pepper, green bean, sweet potato, English pea, tomato, cantaloupe, cucumber, and turnip plants growing--some with their first fruits on them! Now to see if I can keep them growing, or whether I have a "brown thumb." :-P

I have also been on an exercising rampage, which started back in February when I won a one month membership to Stroller Strides--a fitness group for moms and their babies. Wow, let me tell you, that was a workout! I stuck with them until the end of March, and then have continued on my own at a local park with my mother-in-law, who meets me there every morning to walk while I do my own program. I have managed to burn off 9 pounds since I started! Now only 6-7 lbs. more to go to reach my pre-pregnancy weight! Whoohoo! :-) It's been a lot of hard work, but I love feeling fit and "in shape." :-)

Anyway...there's a little summary of our recent doings. There has been a lot of other things that I have been doing in recent days, but none of it is really striking me as worth putting on the blog at the moment. Plus, Danielle is getting antsy and is wanting Mommy's I guess I should get away from the computer and go feed her some sweet potatoes. :-P



Bridges family said...

Fun update Melody! Christa and I enjoyed reading through it and hearing all the fun new developments in the Preuninger's life! :)

Also, thank you so much for sharing the post on Abiding in Christ. I had never fully understood that concept either, and am so glad you shed more light on the subject! The examples you gave were especially helpful.

May you feel His incredible love in a special way this week,
Kate :)

Pccprincess said...

I found your blog by accident after finding your sister's blog. But I just want to tell you that your story of your courtship inspired me to continue to trust God. I currently experience many of the same things you did, and I have been praying for God to make Himself clear to me. Your story has helped me to pray in a new direction of His will, not mine.

Thank you for posting your story, it is one of the best non-fairy tale love stories ever. God bless you and thank you for all you do to His honor and glory.