Wednesday, May 27, 2009

A Quick Update...

It suddenly occurred to me today what a terrible blogger I must be, seeing as how I haven't posted anything since the week of Resurrection Sunday. But, I must admit that life has been pretty busy for me lately--or at least busy enough that I have not taken the time to write anything of any importance. However, as I am currently on a break from harp practice, I thought I would write a short little note.

Hmm...where to begin? Life remains wonderful as I continue to experience life as a married woman. Donald is the perfect husband in my eyes, as he loves me unconditionally and constantly gives me his support. I really cannot imagine life without him--I love him so much! Due to some health issues that have plagued me for the last few years, and are now showing up more than ever, I have been on a rollercoaster emotionally. One day I'm happy, and the next day I don't know why I'm crying. But, Donald is ever ready to give me a hug when I need one, and knows when he needs to speak, or just hold me and let me cry. I am going to see a doctor on June 15th about these problems, and am praying that the Lord will work through the doctor to pinpoint the root cause.

But, despite this rollercoaster that I've been riding, there are very few rain clouds in my horizon. I LOVE being married, and I absolutely love keeping house. For Christmas, a cousin of Donald's gave us a gift card for $60 to a home decor store (Kirklands). I had never heard of the store, but one day last month while I was out shopping with my sisters, I "just happened" to come upon one, so decided to go in and look. For some time, I had been looking at the bare walls in my house with some frustration, but didn't know what to do about it. In this store, however, I found my answer! They had unbelievably inexpensive prices at Kirklands, and I was able to buy several things there. I was so excited (just ask my sisters...). Then, a late wedding gift arrived consisting of $30 cash. So, hearing that Hobby Lobby had all their wall decor 50% off, I went and was able to purchase several more items for my house. Perhaps later (meaning after exams next week), I'll sit down and upload some pictures of the house for you.

Another sunny spot in my life right now is my garden. I had never before been very interested in working outdoors, but now I love it. I love being in my yard, tending my flowers. You should have seen the weeds in the flowerbeds when I began working in it. They were terrible! The nextdoor neighbor (who has lived there for 35 years) told me that the last several people that lived in our house did nothing with the yard. I said, "I can tell!" Weeds were ALL OVER the yard. It was disgusting. So, I decided to conquer them if at all possible. For about a week, I spent time out in the flowerbeds, pulling and hoeing the weeds. Finally, I had it cleared out, so then went with my mother-in-law to pick out flowers.'s quite a long story, but the long and short of it is, many days and hours of hard work later, I now have beautiful flowerbeds filled with blooming flowers. My neighbor came over to my yard yesterday when I was out working in it, and told me how beautiful it was (which is quite a compliment coming from her, as her yard is imaculate). That made me happy.

Seriously, something about those flowers make me so happy. I get happy and feel like jumping up and down everytime I look at them. Everytime we go somewhere, as we're backing out of the driveway, I have to look and comment on my flowers. Donald gets a bemused smile on his face and listens patiently. To me, those flowers are one of God's ways to tell me that He loves me, and I'm so grateful that He's helping them to grow!

Okay...enough about flowers...if I keep going, I'm bound to get so caught up in the subject that I write pages and pages about nothing else. ;-)

Other activities in my life include a daily walk (someone once told me that a person gets fat after getting married, and I'm bound and determined to not let that happen), cooking, cleaning, studying for my harp exam that is next week (eek!), and tons of practicing. Due to my back not holding up to two hours of straight practicing, I have begun breaking my practicing up into four 30-minute segments (or six 20-minute segments if necessary). It has worked really well for me, and I actually get more accomplished that way. My pieces are nearly there....I think.

Two funny things about my harp playing...First of all, on one section of a really fast piece, my fingers kept getting really stiff and clumsy, therefore causing me to make several mistakes. Finally, my harp teacher watched me closely one day, and noticed that I was holding my breath! Once she had me purposefully breathe through that section, I was able to stay relaxed and get through without messing up. Funny, huh?

Secondly, before big exams or something else stressful, I always have dreams related to them. For instance, when I was studying for the SAT and had been really focusing on my math, I dreamed all night long about Algebra equations--and they actually made sense! Well, a few nights ago, I was having a dream about practicing the harp and turning pages in the middle of a song, when suddenly I felt Donald touch me, and ask why I was hitting him. I sleepily replied, "I'm turning pages for my harp," and then rolled over and went back to sleep. Poor darling! He has to put up with so much....and he likes to tease me about that too.

This last weekend we went on a trip to both East and West Texas for two different family reunions. It was lots of fun--but I must say the most enjoyable part of it was the travel. I don't normally like travelling, but really loved all the beautiful scenery and getting to have Donald all to myself for a long period of time. It was pure bliss. :-) It rained a good portion of both trips, and I was reminded of God's mercy in a whole new way (especially since God says that He sends rain on both the just and the unjust).

For a long while, as we traveled East, I admired this huge, gorgeous cloud formation ahead. The sun was shining on it, and it was bright and beautiful (fluffy clouds such as these give me the same feeling that flowers give me, just F.Y.I.). I kept commenting on it to Donald, who is quite the expert when it comes to clouds and weather (a fascination of his, second only to Air Conditioning). As we drove further East, the cloud started getting above us. Then, we reached the spot when we were most certainly under it, and everything became dark and wet as we entered the downpour. I amazedly looked behind us to see that the road we had just driven was dry and sunny while all before us was wet and dark. Donald then said, "This, my dear, is caused by the cloud that you have been admiring." My mind instantly sought to find a spiritual analogy to this situation, and one came to me.

The cloud seen from above or far away looked beautiful in the splendor and glory of the sun shining on it. The cloud seen from below, however, was dark and dreary. In the same way, when I am going through a trial, all I can see is the cloud on top of me--all may seem lonely and dark. However, if I respond rightly to the trial, those watching will see the glory and splendor of Christ resting upon me as I am transformed more into His image, and I will be a reminder of God's mercy and love to all who see me.

Anyway, I shall end on that note, as I must return to my harp now. Please be praying for me as I take my exam on June 5th. I am going to try not to get nervous and am praying that God will play through my fingers. However, as a godly woman once said, "If I perish, I perish." :-p

Praying that the splendor of the risen Savior will rest upon you all,


Julie said...

Hi Melody!

Very glad to see an update. I'll be praying for you to find the cause and solution to your physical problems. Keep me updated!


Bridges family said...

It was great to read your update, Melody! I will be praying for your harp exam and your doctors appointment. Hope all goes well, and I look forward to hearing about the harp exam on Sunday!